NEW!!  Vox has just published an excellent interactive solar eclipse tool. Enter your Zip code in the yellow box to see a time lapse graphic showing how the eclipse will look like at your location. You can also use a similar interactive tool on the website or installing their "Eclipse Safari" app.

*2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun in Georgia - by Fred Espenak

​* 6 Best Places to see the 20176 Solar Eclipse in Georgia

* A Guide to Viewing the 2017 Solar Eclipse - by Astronomy Connect


* A Site to Behold - by Rob Stinnett

  ** Includes Rob's very unique offer to send you FREE eclipse glasses!

* All American Total Solar Eclipse - by the National Science Teachers Association

* American Astronomical Society - Solar Eclipse Across America

* AAS mini-grants program - Under Represented Groups can apply for grants to develop eclipse programs! (deadline 1/13/17)

​* website

* American Eclipse USA - great solar eclipse website by Jay Ryan 

ars TECHNICA webpage

Being In The Shadow - Excellent website by Dr. Kate Russo about the eclipse experience.

* CNBC - Why the solar eclipse is so important

C/NET webpage

* Dyer Observatory, Vanderbilt University - Excellent info on how to observe the eclipse

* Earth Sky - 11/6/16 webpage - Total eclipse of sun, August 21, 2017

* - Dan McGlaun's excellent solar eclipse website!

​* Eclipse Chasers - Source Weekly, by Renee Alexander

* - By Bill Kramer

Eclipse Guy - David Makepeace's website

* Eclipseophile - Weather and Climate for Georgia and the Carolinas

* Eclipse Over Georgia Facebook Page​​

* Exploratorium - Live stream of the 2017 Eclipse

* Go See The Eclipse - Georgia

Great American Eclipse

* How you can do science during the Great American Eclipse

* Lookout Observatory, University of Asheville

* - The ultimate resource for Eclipse photography, by Fred Espenak

NASA Total Eclipse Website

NASA Visualization Studio

National Eclipse

* National Geographic - How to see it

Newser article, 10/22/16

NOAA 2017 eclipse webpage (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

Pinterest - 2017 Eclipse

​* ScienceNews - Astronomers prepare for 2017 solar eclipse spectacle

* Shadow and Substance, August 21, 2017 - An excellent visualization of the sun/moon appearance as the eclipse progresses. Included is a presentation for Georgia,  by Larry Koehn

Sky & Telescope webpage - Total Solar Eclipse: when, where and how to see it. By Mike Wall.​​ Solar Eclipse Page

* The American Eclipse Traffic Jam??

U.S. Navy Astronomical Applications Dept. 

Eclipse Data Sheet for Clayton GA - By the U.S. Naval Observatory

​* Webinars-  list of solar eclipse webcasts, by NASA's NSO Team  

​* Wikipedia - Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017

* Williams College Solar Eclipse Expeditions

* Working Group on Solar Eclipses, by Jay M. Pasachoff, Chairman

SOLAR ECLIPSE  ARTICLES (Newspapers, Magazines)

* Astronomy Magazine

        -  8/5/14 article by Michael Bakich

     - 12/2/16 - Eclipse blogs

* Atlanta Journal & Constitution

        - 8/23/14 article by Kimberly Miller


     - 12/27/16 article by Hope Philbrick

     - 12/28/16 article by Theresa Seiger

* The Huffington Post

​        - 9/02/16 article by David Freeman

* The Washington Post

        - 10/14/16 article by Nancy Szokan


     - 8/21/16 article by Doyle Rice


Road Atlas for The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017, by Fred Espenak



* Penumbra

* Solar Eclipse

* Totality



SOLAR ECLIPSE GEAR AND ACCESSORIES webpage  (NOTE: It's very important that you have protective eye wear to avoid damagig your eyes!


* B&H Photography  - Mark Your Calendars: North American Solar Eclipse

* Eclipse Photographs - by Miloslav Druckmuller

* Solar Eclipse photographs - by Google Images  


* National Solar Observatory - A monthly solar eclipse webcast on the second Tuesday of each month, 4pm EST. 

Workshop: NASA Optics and the Path of Totality 

PreK-12 educators can register online for this free workshop to be held at the Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, Warner Robbins GA on 5/20/17.


* 11 Alive News, Atlanta GA - EXCELLENT video by Chief Meteorologist, Chris Holcomb, explaining the solar eclipse and its impact on Georgia

*CBS News, 2/26/79  - Walter Cronkite report on the  1979 solar eclipse

​* Eclipse Animations - By Dr. Patricia Reiff, Rice University Space Institute

* Eclipse Humor: funny, but informative video by Paul Eyler

Exploratorium - Live Stream of the Eclipse

* Georgia's Total Eclipse of the Sun, August 21, 2017 - excellent video showing the sun's appearance throughout the State during the eclipse.

* Great American Eclipse of 2017, a presentation by Fred Espenak

How to View The Total Eclipse of the Sun

* NASA - Tracing The 2017 Solar Eclipse - An outstanding visualization narrated by Ernie Wright. (Click the "go" button at bottom of image)  

Simulation of the eclipse near Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Space Video of umbra crossing the United States

* The Great American Eclipse 2017: path & timetable by Michael Zeiler

* The Weather Channel: 12/23/16 video

​* Total Eclipse in Micronesia, 3/9/16: feel the excitement!

* Total solar eclipse over Georgia on August 21, 2017Excellent video by Michael Zeiler

* You Tube - by​​

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